A unique  opportunity for paid  cyber security  research experience. Students will carry out research and applied work on the premises of one of our industry, government, or research partners. This work will be linked to an existing (or under development) project.

Students must be:

  • In their third year of study in a relevant undergraduate program at one of our  University partners, and
  • Meet the criteria for entry into an Honours program.

Timing, funding and additional benefits 

Duration: Scholarships run for up to 12 weeks, from November 2019 to  March  2020
Stipend: A full-time summer vacation scholarship of up to $1,559.85 per fortnight (taxed) will be paid to successful students,along with a $300 allowance to cover attendance at a special Student Event Day in February 2020.
Travel: Public transport  fares to and from the  scholar’s home or residence at the beginnging and end of the scholarship (in cases where the scholar’s residence is geographically removed from where the scholarship is based) will be covered in addition to the core fortnightly stipend.
Accommodation: An additional weekly contribution of  $100  will be paid  if a scholar is required to move to a different town or city to participate in the program.

How to apply:

Submit your Expression of Interest to scholarships@cybersecuritycrc.org.au

You will need to include:

  • Evidence of admission and year level in the relevant undergraduate degree at one of our University partners
  • Your CV
  • Copies of your academic transcript/s.
  • A one-page statement [up to 800 words] outlining why you would be a suitable CSCRC Scholar.

Please note that preference will be given to candidates with citizenship from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

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